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A Personal Letter from Vlad Kostovski


transparent pic squareMy purpose is to help you rise to be the top dentist of your market in terms of revenue, goodwill, and reputation. Another benefit you might experience as a result of what you learn is it should come NATURALLY.

When you utilize the strategies I show you, you’ll become a magnet to your ideal patient...easily attracting them toward you like a bright light attracts a moth. At the same time, keeping (the few and far between) toxic patients away from you.

If done properly, you will create simple and effective sales and marketing processes. Your marketing will convert better, your treatment plan acceptance will hover around 80-90%, and your patients will love you.

You’ll be delivering a great patient experience before the patient ever comes in for their first visit. Gone are the days of worrying about monthly attrition, stressing over your collection numbers, or living below your potential.

You’re about learn how to be one of the good guys... turning prospects into patients, then into evangelical converts who reward you with business for years.

The Opportunity You’ve Been Given

Even though there’s a lot of competition, your competitors are actually making it easier for you.

Here’s why I say this.

If you’re reading this, then you know all of your competitors are doing the same thing one way or another... buying from the same service companies offering a lot of hype, promises, and cookie cutter delivery.

And that’s phenomenal news! It’s not just dentistry, it’s happening in every market.

Competitors in every marketplace are doing pretty much the exact same thing. This is what makes it easy for us from a competitive standpoint. And in almost every case, their marketing is above average at best.

It probably works, but it requires spending endless amounts of marketing month after month with high patient acquisition costs.

Let me guess... everything entails around two angles:

1. Hi my name is Dr. Smith, call me if you need a dentist.

2. Hi this is Gotham Dental, $49 for first time patients.

When’s the last time you saw something different? We’ve all done this and it sort of works. This is supposed to be acceptable... the new norm is competent is the new good.

This is giving you a major opportunity to swoop in and steal some major market share. All by communicating like a doctor, not a marketer! (Self-defamation, I know)

Your market is becoming frustrated. They’re in a desert, satisfied with a dirty pond. You’re about to give them reverse osmosis. People are desperate for someone to treat them with respect and dignity. Doing so will reward you with massive windfalls.

To Higher Profits,

Vlad Kostovski

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