Nothing is for sale here, and you should drop everything and read it immediately because I’m giving you a very valuable gift.

Let’s begin …

One of my teachers said that he knows his sales copy is good when it makes him cry after reading it.

Heavy! But I can relate. Creating a marketing plan is like sweating blood…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been fascinated with the art and science of taking a blank page and transforming it into something that produces money.

This would be writing a letter to a specific demographic in your neighborhood to invite them as patients.

Internal marketing really is the most lucrative thing you can do for practice if you get good at it.

Now I’m Supposed to “Pitch” You

Anyway – now’s where I’m supposed to “pitch” you on a new product.

Well, it ain’t gonna happen.


So here’s what I got:

I’ve decided to, on occasions like today, invite you to READ MY FULL REPORT on how I start every practice’s, in-house marketing program.

There’s no charge for this, by the way. I figure if you get even a LITTLE bit good at writing copy after seeing this stuff, you’ll make a fortune and you’ll buy training from me with some of your new-found gains.

(Self-serving bastard that I am!)

So today we’ll start with a report I lovingly call …

The Russian Mafia Method

The back story:

This report is for one of my doctors that didn’t spend a dime on advertising. We all know one.

Anyway – the purpose of the letter is NOT to sell a new crown.

It’s just to get a “I might be interested” response from the prospect and have them request more info with one of the two people on our practice who is actually qualified bring prospects in.


Now – before you read this letter, you need to know a few things:

  1. First, there’s more to the sales strategy than meets the eye, and you shouldn’t copy the approach until I have a chance to walk you through it.
  2. Second, I have a bunch of videos guiding you through parts of this report. So please use my YouTube channel as a tool.
  3. Third, you need to know that in order for us not to get MURDERED with worthless inquiries, we’ve got to have REAL people giving the answering the phone.
  4. Fourth, it’s already working.

I’ve presented the offer to a test segment of the market using a different marketing piece (inferior to this one) and the overall approach is working like gangbusters.

I point this out because in many cases, the overall “angle” of a promotion is just as important – if not MORE important than the actual copy.

More on that later …

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