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In every dental practice I've worked with there are three tasks that eat up your staff's time and need to be automated.  The result is an immediate increase in growth, happier staff, and a better experience for your patients.

I'd go so far as to say it's impossible to have a happy staff, productive work culture, and a top notch patient experience if these tasks are not automated.  The reason is because if you have a busy day of hygiene, your staff will be busy doing this paperwork instead of assuring your patients are having a positive experience.

These tasks are:

  1. Patient Recall/Reactivation
  2. Intra-Office Communication
  3. Referral and Online Review Requests

The biggest obstacle with automating these tasks is that they've always been done by different systems and integration is necessary, but rarely available until THIS came out.

I heard about Yapi a few times over a month long period before I decided to take a look.  I was immediately blown away by the product.  It literally solves problems that I didn't think existed.

The best part about Yapi is it's made by a dentist for a dentist, it automates all three tasks with seamless practice management integration, offers a beautiful interface, and I convinced them to set up an affiliate program for my followers.

Request a demo through one of the links on my page and you receive a discount on the setup.  If you want to schedule a call with one of their reps click HERE.

My Social Practice

If you haven’t seen my videos or blog posts on growing your practice through social media domination, they almost all have information on how you need to publish 3-5 times a day AND how the content needs to be different. There’s content that can’t be replaced by anything outside of your office such as patients, cookies of the day, or anything else that happens worth posting. Then there are posts that are generally dental related that require your staff to constantly scour the internet for every day and customize to dentistry. Your office needs both if you’re using social media to seriously grow your dental practice. My Social practice solves a lot of headache and makes execution a breeze. It solves two problems:

  1.  It provides you with all of the generic content you need to make your patients laugh, feel good, like, share, and engage with your posts.
  2. It offers the ability to schedule your posts at one time rather than having to remember to post at specific times of day. I’m sure no one’s going to keep a patient waiting while your front desk is making a dental meme.

My Social Practice has no set up fees, no contracts, costs $349 month to month. You can get a full demo for it HERE. PS I’ll add one more bonus. If you buy My Social Practice through my link HERE, I’ll give you a free social media strategy session. I’ve worked with scratch startups the used social media as their main source of ads and established practices seeing over 150 NP’s a month dominating through social media. No matter where you are and where you want to be, I’ll help you use social media as a tool to get you there.


Are you tracking your inbound calls? How many end up in voicemail? You’ll find 80% of the calls that go to voicemail are abandoned and IME the average dental practice takes up to three days to return voice mails.

So let’s do the math… if you’re only missing two phone call a day (it’s probably a lot more), that’s 40 calls per month. You’re immediately losing 32 of them and at best recovering two patients. The average lifetime value of a patient is $3,000-$5,000. On the low end of that, 32 lost patients because no one was there to answer the phone multiplied by $3,000 is $96,000 you’re losing every month. What if we can recover a significant portion of that lost revenue every month?

Sounds like a no brainer, right? That’s exactly what YesTrak does for dentist. YesTrak automatically forwards all of your calls to a person that’s familiar with the dental industry, has all of your dental practice’s relevant information on hand, has access to your schedule, and has full reporting on every transferred call.

It sounds too good to be true, but that’s what Spencer (Founder of YesTrak) told me… and I know where he lives, so he wouldn’t lie to me. If you’re already sold, click HERE.

Here’s another scenario… let’s say one of your front desk people are extremely ill and no amount of narcotics and amphetamines are working to cure the cold. You don’t have to worry about you missing additional calls for the day because you can notify YesTrak that your staff is ill and calls will be returned that day by the other front desk person.

Now the person taking calls will let existing patients know what’s going on and give them a warm voice to communicate with.

Use the code VLAD50 to get $50 off your first payment.

My Doctor Calls

Are you recording your calls? If not, no amount of marketing will likely help you get to where you want to be. If you’re not converting as many calls as possible, your marketing dollars are being wasted. Recording calls is necessary to improve your FD’s scheduling skills and it’s the closest thing to a silver bullet in growing your practice. You use the recorded calls to direct what issues scheduling training needs to solve and you need to continually use them to make sure your staff consistently improves. I’ve spent a ridiculously small amount of time working with office staff changing a small part of what they say to make an enormous impact in the long run. Scheduling training is a core habit of successful practices and you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Click HERE and use the code VLAD75FREE to get your $75 setup fee waived.


If you want 90% treatment plan acceptance rates, Infusionsoft is an invaluable tool.  It makes sure you never let anything  fall through the cracks.  It's a sales CRM and an advanced, yet simple to use marketing automation system all in one. Your treatment plan coordinator will be the main user of Infusionsoft it can be used as their primary sales/organization tool and it will multiply their results more than any other tool on the market. If you want to watch a recording or experience a live interactive demo of Infusionsoft, click HERE.

If you call in or request a demo, please request Mike Hurley.  He has experience working with my clients and knows which direction to guide you.